Auto Transport Top Picks: Best Car Models for Winter Driving

  • Auto Transport Top Picks: Best Car Models for Winter Driving

    Auto Transport Top Picks: Best Car Models for Winter Driving

    Image by Kent DuFault from Pixabay


    Winter is already upon us and we’d like to make the best out of it. In this article, we will be talking about a few car models that we think are best suited for driving in the snow. This can also be helpful to some who live in states that are not yet in the winter season.

    Seasons change so fast and before we even notice, it has already gone. Some people hate driving in the snow for a few obvious reasons. However, there are those who still like hitting the road even in harsh weather conditions.

    Because of that, we have listed 5 of the best vehicles for snow or winter driving. Read on to know more:


    Toyota 4Runner


    First on our list is the Toyota 4Runner. It has a powerful 4WD system and an impressive amount of ground clearance. In addition to its famous Toyota build, it has more space to hold winter gear.

    You can have it for only $36,020.


    Jeep Wrangler


    Jeep Wrangler may not be your first choice of vehicle when it comes to efficiency and comfort. But when the times get hard and the season gets cold, trust us that Wrangler will be the one to turn to. Winter driving becomes easy when you own a Wrangler.

    Jeep Wrangler, be it diesel or gasoline is sure to deliver when it comes to winter driving. It can get you to where you want to in any given road condition. It could be yours for a price of $28,295.


    Subaru WRX


    The Subaru WRX is a rally car. It simply means that you have to resist the urge to do a pendulum turn while driving this vehicle. As an AWD (all-wheel drive), it is made for driving in ice and snow without any problem with traction. It could be yours for around $27,495.


    Subaru Outback


    The Subaru is quite amazing because it could be the ultimate all-around vehicle. It has ample amounts of ground clearance, AWD mechanism, and a spacious cabin for your cargo. It has an MSRP of around $26,645.


    Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class


    The GLS-Class is just like any Mercedes-Benz vehicle, luxurious and decent. It has a good navigation system that you can use during low-visibility conditions. It also has an adjustable suspension and crisp interiors fit for someone like you. It is priced at $75,200.


    Image by Jerrico Usher from Pixabay

    There you have it! That was our short roundup of the most suitable cars for winter driving. If you know other car models that are great for winter driving, feel free to let us know by leaving a comment below.

    Winter driving can be a little challenging if you do not have a suitable car. But if you are lucky to own one of those we mentioned above, you can still enjoy driving in the snowy and icy roads.

    Image by Simon Matzinger from Pixabay

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