8 Creative Ways to Celebrate April Fools’ Day at Home

  • 8 Creative Ways to Celebrate April Fools’ Day at Home

    8 Creative Ways to Celebrate April Fools’ Day at Home


    Would you believe we are already approaching the fourth month of the year? It’s already April 1 in a few days and that means – April Fools’!

    We’re sure you’ve tried making fun of people in the past years. But are you ready for this year’s pranking?

    We’re going to share some simple, easy-to-do yet creative ways to celebrate April Fools’ Day!

    Read on.


    Image by silviarita from Pixabay

    Cover a soap bar with colorless polish.

    This one is very easy to execute. You simply need colorless nail polish and bar soap. Simply coat the soap with nail polish and let it dry. Put it beside the sink and wait for someone to wash his hands, only to find out that the soap doesn’t lather.

    Image by David Gallie from Pixabay

    Place a “WET PAINT” sign.

    This one is also a simple prank. You’ll have so much fun watching people avoiding the area where you put the sign. It is better to put it in a busy place where people usually go.

    You can either put it on the floor, on a cabinet or locker, or on the door.


    Image by Ron Porter from Pixabay

    Remove the remote control’s batteries

    Replace your TV remote’s batteries with baby carrots or anything else and put it in a usual place. Wait for someone to use it and find out why it is not working.

    Image by Kris L from Pixabay

    Put a whoopee cushion on a chair


    This one is a classic yet funny prank. Place a whoopee cushion on a chair and watch someone sit on it. It will make an embarrassing noise once he sits on it.


    Image by Ruwad Al Karem from Pixabay

    Point to the sky.


    Try looking at the window and point to the sky as if you are seeing something. Call someone (the target) and tell him what you are seeing (which you actually don’t).


    Make him look harder to see what you are pointing at. Much better if you have an accomplice who you can call and pretend to see what you are pointing at. The victim will truly be confused.


    Image by Capri23auto from Pixabay

    Give them some potato ice cream.


    Make some mashed potato and scoop it into an ice cream cone. Add some chocolate syrup or candy sprinkles. Offer it to someone and watch him enjoy the potato ice cream.


    Make colored milk.


    Add food-safe food coloring onto milk to make colored milk. Make sure that the milk container is not transparent. Wait for someone to pour the colored milk onto their coffee or cereal. Surprise!


    Image by Manfred Richter from Pixabay


    Make some chocolate-coated onions.


    People love eating chocolate-coated fruits. Peel an onion and slice it into half. Dip it in melt chocolate and let it dry.


    Serve the chocolate-covered onion and let your family enjoy the sweet treat! You can also try using caramel instead of chocolate.


    We hope you enjoyed reading as much as we did writing this post. Get your own list of funny pranks ready!

    Have a Happy April Fool’s Day! Have fun pranking your friends and family!

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