Frequently Asked Questions

YES. By law trucks must carry a minimum of $750,000 liability and $5,000 cargo insurance. HOWEVER, we expect our Carriers to have ample cargo insurance to cover their entire load. We verify the insurance, and keep it on file. That’s another good reason you can trust us with your vehicle.

Door-to-Door means the closest to the origination and destination doors as physically and legally possible. If you live in a neighborhood that big trucks can not legally access, or a street that a big truck can not maneuver on, it will be necessary to meet the truck at a near-by parking lot or other accessible area. This is a standard throughout the industry.

We can usually have your vehicle picked up within 1-3 days. In very remote or less traveled areas, it might be slightly longer.

This depends on the route, location and distance. In most cases, a cross-country trip takes 7-10 days. Drivers are regulated as to the number of hours they can drive. Another factor is how many deliveries the driver has on his trip to your destination. Weather can be a factor. In January it might take 7 days to go from Florida to California, but 10 days from Texas to New York. We make every effort to complete the move in the time frame given to you. Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance.

NO. The law does not allow trucks to carry items in the vehicles they transport. They are routinely checked and inspected, and could be fined if items are found in the cars.

Your vehicle may be driven for loading and unloading. Other than that, your vehicle is transported on a carrier and is not driven to the destination.

Any items that are loose or stick out (mirrors, antennas, body kits) should be folded, secured, or removed. There should be ¼ tank of gas or less. Please disarm any alarms and make sure the driver has remotes and locations of any kill switches etc….

We accept VISA, Master Card, AMEX, Discover, Wire transfers, Money Orders, Company Checks, and Cashiers Checks. Drivers however, will only accept cash, Money Orders, or Cashiers Checks.

We always try to call you with an update before you ever ask. Just another reason we rank at the top among auto transport companies. If you ever do have a question or need an update, you are always welcome to call or email us.

You may think you can save a few dollars by arranging the transport yourself. As a Broker, we know how to negotiate for you. Some carriers even charge more when dealing with the public. If you are a dealership that moves several vehicles, you need ‘on-demand’ transport service. We maintain a database of several thousand carriers to offer that type of service. We have good relationships with our Carriers that allow us to offer good rates. We know what questions to ask and we do all the important things to ensure your vehicle is safe. We go above and beyond the legal requirements so you know the carrier is legal and you are protected. We want to make sure your vehicle move is done right and goes smoothly. Let us take the worry out of your vehicle move.


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