Snow Bird Shipping: Things You Need To Know

  • Snow Bird Shipping: Things You Need To Know

    Snow Bird Shipping: Things You Need To Know

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    The busiest seasons in the car shipping industry are summer and winter. People travel to holiday destinations during these times. The rush of people leads to a huge spike in gas and hotel rates. Moreover, traffic becomes really problematic because the roads are congested.

    Since we are now in the winter season, let us focus on snowbird shipping.

    People who live in the Northern Americas experience harsh weather conditions in winter. This leads them to temporarily migrate to other states. They try to escape the extreme cold weather.

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    Some people leave their car at home, but there are those who cannot live without their precious car. That is why these people use snowbird car shipping services to move their cars from home to their seasonal homes.

    You might think that renting a car may be more convenient but others may feel more comfortable driving their own car. And also, renting a car for a couple of months may cost more than shipping your car.

    The Two Seasons of Snowbird Shipping

    The influx of snowbird shipping customers come in two seasons. The first is right after Thanksgiving until late January. It is the time when snowbirds escape to the warmer states like Florida.

    The second season is in early April to late May when they come home.

    Reasons Not to Drive

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    Driving to your destination may be a cheaper option or so you think. However, some people do not like to drive and would prefer to rent a car.

    Car shipping can help prevent car repairs from natural wear and tear. It is also safer than driving on snow-covered roads. It can also be cheaper than going on a long road trip.

    Fuel, food, and accommodation are included in your expenses if you choose to go on a road trip.

    Right Time to Book

    The nearer to the snowbird season, the higher the rates will be because clients will be competing for slots. It is best to book from 15 to 30 days before to get a more affordable quote.

    When to Prepare the Car for Shipping

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    Someone should be there to inspect your car as it arrives at its destination. If you do not have someone to check it, set the delivery date after you have arrived. Know the estimated duration of the car shipping and compute the days.

    Can you book delivery on or around the holidays?

    If you do not want to be on the waiting game, then avoid booking around holiday dates. Drivers also need some time off the road and with their families during holidays. And the lack of carriers results in a backlog on deliveries.

    Before you Ship

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    Read the insurance policy. Usually, only the vehicle is covered by the shipper’s insurance and not the items inside. So, do not put important items inside your vehicle before shipping.

    Remove as much unnecessary weight from your vehicle because it affects the price of the shipment. Know the estimated duration of vehicle transport.

    How to Determine the Best Company for Car Shipping

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    Different car shippers will offer different rates. You can ask at least three companies to compare the prices. If you are clueless about carriers, you can try calling an auto transport broker like Balch Logistics.

    How much should you pay?

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    We can never give a one-size-fits-all answer to this one. It is because car shipping rates are affected by many factors including:

    Vehicle condition

    Vehicle make and model

    Location and distance

    Type of transport

    Demand and supply

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