New Year Special: New Year, New Car?

  • New Year Special: New Year, New Car?

    The New Year brings a lot of promise. It brings so much hope to everyone. At least, we can believe that we can have a fresh start.

    And speaking of New Year, some of you might be thinking of buying a new car. But stop and think carefully before making the purchase. Buying a car is obviously a huge decision that can create a dent on your budget.

    If you have made the decision and are ready to buy a new vehicle, think of ways on how to save. Taking the best strategies can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars. There are several ways to save on your vehicle purchase and one of these is timing.

    Is January a great time to buy a car? We say, yes. Want to know why? Here are the reasons.

    Dealers are eager to make a sale.

    Most of us spend a huge amount of money during the Christmas season. Most people splurge on gifts and celebrations. And as the holiday fever goes down, people are realizing how much they’ve spent, and making a huge purchase is not a good idea.

    Experts have made the observation that January is a good time to buy big appliances and vehicles. Despite the fact that sales are slow, they still have to close a deal and hit the quota. We can score great deals on winter months, January, February and early March.

    Last year’s models are up for grabs.

    Though new model year cars arrive in the last quarter of the year, the change of the calendar year heightens the pressure to sell the last year’s model cars.

    Dealers offer pleasant offers for the last year’s models. You should know the MSRP of the car you are buying and you should get it below the MSRP.

    Your credit rating can help you save.

    Some car dealers offer 0% interest on 60 months financing for those with good credit standing. If you have bad credit or no credit score, you can start building it before buying a car. A good credit score can save you lots of money on your car purchase.

    Big savings on luxury cars.

    Because January is a slow month for vehicle sales, it makes it even harder for dealers to sell expensive cars. They give great deals for luxury car buyers because these are more difficult to sell.

    Cheaper and lower-end vehicles are much easier to sell than luxury cars. If you are looking for the cheaper ones, you should hurry up before they are sold off or you will be left with luxury cars.

    In whatever month of the year, you can save a lot if you come to the dealership prepared. Do your research on the car models and features. Use your credit score and allot a specific budget.

    Go on a weekday because there are fewer car buyers and in the afternoon when salespeople are less busy. If you are not in a hurry, you can also wait until the end of the month when salesmen are pressured to meet their monthly quotas.

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