Top Reasons Why You Should Give Yourself a Car this Christmas

  • Top Reasons Why You Should Give Yourself a Car this Christmas

    Top Reasons Why You Should Give Yourself a Car this Christmas

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    Christmas is such a busy time for all of us most especially for the auto transport industry. Many people are looking to buy goods and cars during this time of year. People are mostly buying things for others during the Christmas season.

    Well, Christmas is all about selfless love and gift-giving. But this is not a reason to forget about you. You deserve to get a gift after all of your hard work in recent months.

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    And as your trusted auto transport broker, we will help you cap off the year by giving you enough reasons why you should buy yourself a car for Christmas. Why should you buy a car? Why not?


    Why You Should Buy a New Car for Christmas

    1. Because you deserve it.

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    We know that your whole year has been filled with different and colorful experiences. You must have gone through your fair share of ups and downs. And as your favorite car shipping broker who only wants the best for you, we want you to get what you truly deserve.

    Going through tough challenges in your daily life can become even more difficult if you are going to drive an old, clunking car. We want you to have more ease by giving yourself a well-deserved treat – a new car. Imagine the smooth ride and the crisp interiors that will welcome you every morning as you drive to your 9 to 5 gig.


    1. You can score the best deals.

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    You might not be aware but companies and car dealers are rushing to get a sale during the final months of the year. During this time, they are dying to hit the annual sales quota. It means that they will do every possible sales strategy just to meet it.

    Take advantage of this time by visiting a few car dealers before buying. Ask them about their Christmas deals and compare them. You can also use your negotiation skills in buying that new ride.

    A rule of thumb in negotiating – do not look desperate. Once you see a great deal, do not let them notice how excited you are. Keep your composure and look at ease while you are negotiating.


    1. This is the perfect season.

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    The cold season tends to lower the arrival of customers in car dealerships which gives you more advantages. You should also consider arriving in the late afternoon when there are few customers and the salesman is rushing to go home. You can also go there at the end of the month when they are trying to hit their monthly sales quota.


    How You Can Get a Great Deal


    We feel that the tips mentioned above are not enough to get you the deal you want so here are a few more tips and tricks for buying your Christmas car.


    1. Do your research.

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    Before going to the nearest car dealership, you should do some online research to refresh your knowledge of car brands, features, and retail prices. Visit websites like to see the latest cars and features. You can also see the basic prices of your car choices.


    1. Ask for Discounts

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    Some car dealerships are giving special discounts for government employees, students, and seniors. Ask them how much you can get as a monthly rebate or outright discount as a special citizen. These discounts can range from $200 to $1500.


    1. Negotiate on the price and not the term.

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    When negotiating the cost of the car, try to lessen the full cost of the car rather than the monthly installment. Just in case you are not aware, the lower monthly payment can look appealing but it can be way more expensive in the long run.


    1. Compare the interest rates.

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    Before going to the car dealership, try to get a quote from them, as well as from the bank or credit union. This way, you can have a more detailed and visual comparison of their interest rates. You do not want to be clueless when it comes to money.

    Usually, car dealers give lesser interest rates than the bank or credit union. This is because they want the processing to be a lot easier for the customer. Credit unions and banks tend to give higher interest rates ranging from 2.2 % to 4 %. While it is only 1.5% interest for car dealers.


    1. Consider the resale value.

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    If you are not the type to really use the car that often, you may consider buying a car with high resale value. What I mean is that some cars depreciate their value slower than the others. According to some research, one of the cars with high resale value is the Honda Civic.

    You can also learn more about car resale value by doing some online research. Some things to consider are whether you are living in a certain region. If you are in a place with lots of luxury car lovers, you might want to buy something they would buy. If you are in a snowy region, you might want to invest in an all-wheel-drive.

    Do not look for cars with new tech features; these do not count as valuable. Consider a car with sturdy parts if you are planning to sell it later.


    1. Look for used cars online.

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    If you are not into buying a new car, why don’t you try looking for a used car online? Look for a reliable selling website for used cars. Through this, you can buy a car without breaking the bank.

    Just be careful when choosing a car listing. Some listings can be misleading. If possible, try to meet up with the owner somewhere to check the car. You can decide if you would buy it once you see it in actual. It is much better if you can bring a mechanic with you during the meetup.

    Once you agree with the seller, you can now arrange the car shipping. Worry not because we at Balch Logistics are here to help you.

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    There you have it. We hope that this post has helped you convince yourself to buy a new car this Christmas. You deserve it. Like what they always say, “You can never give what you do not have.” So, start the gift-giving by giving something to yourself first.

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