Auto Transport’s Picks: Top 15 Car Guy Gifts of 2019

  • Auto Transport’s Picks: Top 15 Car Guy Gifts of 2019

    Auto Transport’s Picks: Top 15 Car Guy Gifts of 2019



    Image by Pexels from Pixabay


    In a few days, we bet that you will be rushing to the nearest mall to buy Christmas gifts. But as your trusted auto transport provider, we do not want you to go there empty-handed. As early as today, we want you to create a perfect Christmas list for all of your loved ones.

    We are pretty sure that you will buy toys, ladies’ stuff, and guys’ stuff. Creating a Christmas shopping list is easier said than done. And we know that one or more of your close friends are car enthusiasts.

    However, buying gifts for car geeks may be difficult for those who are not into cars. That is why we are here to give you the auto transport’s top picks of the best gifts for car guys. Read on to know more:


    What are the possible gift options?


    Car Seat Protector

    Car Seat Cover | Pixabay


    Car seat protectors provide added protection for the car seat’s leather covers. It prevents pets from scratching the precious leather. It also protects cloth upholstery from stains and spills. Choose a seat protector that is made from color-safe and heat-resistant material.


    Steering Wheel Cover

    Steering Wheel | Pixabay


    Choose a steering wheel cover that is made from natural or non-synthetic material. Choose a good kind of rubber or leather that can provide a better grip. A great steering wheel cover can also keep the driver’s hand cool during the summer and warm during the winter.


    Dash Cam

    Dash Cam | Pixabay


    One of the most important car accessories nowadays is the dashcam. It captures each and every second of the trip. The dashcam records whatever happens during the drive.

    It is very useful in capturing accidents and hot laps during a track day. It can also record funny and unusual rants and conversations, which can be shared on social media.

    Choose a high definition dash cam with high visibility in all lighting conditions. Also, look for one with a wide-angle lens to see a wide range of views.


    Coffee Table Book

    Coffee table book | Pixabay


    There are a lot of different coffee table books. Choose a book that focuses on cars. One good suggestion is the Porsche 911: 50 Years coffee table book.

    If you are giving this to a Porsche enthusiast, you will surely make him happy. This coffee table book tells the story about the iconic car and its transformation over the years.


    UV LED Flashlight

    LED Flashlight | Pixabay


    This one is very simple yet useful. It can come in handy for someone who likes to tinker his car even during the night. The flashlight must have a powerful LED and UV light that allows him to see fluid or oil leaks.


    Complete Car Care Kit

    Car Care | Pixabay


    This may not be expensive or special but we assure you that this will be well appreciated. If the one who will receive this like to keep his car clean, he will really thank you for giving this one.


    V8 Model Kit

    V8 | Pixabay

    This v8 engine model is a great conversation starter if you put it on a desk or center table. Plus, it can be interesting and entertaining as you or your pal put its pieces together.


    Mechanic Toolset

    Toolset | Pixabay

    A complete toolset for working on the car is a very good gift choice. Every car guy’s staple is a complete set of tools in fixing and changing his car’s peripherals. Choose one that is made from durable metal.


    Car-inspired Seat-belt Belt

    Seat Belt | Pixabay


    This one is really interesting because it is a peculiar kind of belt for your car dude’s pants. It literally looks like a seat belt which accentuates any outfit and shouts out loud how much of a gear head the owner is.


    Car Vacuum

    Car Vacuum | Pixabay


    A car vacuum is a very useful car accessory. It easily cleans up the tight spaces and carpet flooring of the car. It leaves no trace of dust or food crumbs.

    Choose one with a nozzle and hose for really tight and hard to reach spaces in your car. It is also great if it comes with a carrier pack for easy storage.


    Car Trash Bin

    Trash Bin | Pixabay


    Trash bins are also great gift ideas for car dudes. These will keep the car clean and organized. All of the trash will be kept inside the bin and not on the car floor.

    Choose a trash bin that has a strap that can be fixed into the car seat to keep it in place. Some trash bins also come with disposable plastic bags that are easy to dispose of and replace.


    Super Duty Air Impact Wrench

    Impact Wrench | Pixabay


    This one is a totally useful tool for any car guy. This kind of impact wrench is preferred by professional mechanics. This will work easily to remove rusted fasteners.


    Coffee Mug with Car Logo

    Coffee Mug | Pixabay


    This one is a bit cheaper than the others. Mugs can be personalized by putting a picture or any kind of design you like. Choose a durable kind of ceramic mug and have it printed with your friend’s favorite car’s logo. You will put a smile on his face every time he sips his cup of coffee or tea.


    Personalized Keychain

    Keychain | Pixabay


    This one will make the receiver remember you more. Every time he uses the car key, he will surely remember the one who gave it. Pick a leather type keychain for a more classy appeal and have it embossed with the receiver’s name or initials.


    Exotic Car Race Experience in Vegas

    Speedway | Pixabay


    This one is for you if you would like to splurge on gifts. This driver package will let your loved one experience a drive of a lifetime. He gets to choose 5 supercars which he can drive for five laps in the Las Vegas Speedway. What gift could be better than that?


    Christmas is the season of giving love and compassion. Whatever you give to your loved ones this season, it will surely be appreciated.

    Finally, we hope that this post has been helpful for you in deciding what gifts you are going to buy for the Christmas season. If you like this post feel free to share this with your friends and family. You can also leave your questions and comments below.

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