Your Top 8 Winter Destinations in the U.S.

  • Your Top 8 Winter Destinations in the U.S.

    Your Top 8 Winter Destinations in the U.S.

    Winter is a great time to spend with the family. There are two different ways of spending the winter vacation: feel it or escape it. Some people prefer to linger in the cold weather while others choose to flee to a warmer escape.

    Image by fva2105 from Pixabay

    The U.S. is so wide that it caters to both kinds of people. There are certain places where “cool people” and “hot people’ can go to. So, are you cool or hot?
    During the winter, you can score discounts from establishments located in states that are busier during the summer. You can get cheap deals from hotels, attractions, and restaurants because those are their lean months.

    Whatever kind of vacationer you are, we at Balch Logistics are here to help you with your car shipping. Why ship your car? Because we want you to focus on your relaxation and just let us do the heavy lifting.

    We will name some of the best places where you can spend the winter season. It doesn’t matter if you are into cold or warm weather, we’ve got it for you. Well then, let us move on to our roundup of the top winter destinations in the U.S.:

    Destinations for Snow Lovers


    Minneapolis | Pixabay


    Minneapolis is a winter wonderland during the year’s last cold months. Locals embrace the winter season by celebrating a 10-day festivity which they call “The Great Northern.”

    The Great Northern fest comprises of ice sculptures, ice carnivals, U.S. Pond Hockey Championships (Lake Nokomis), and City of Lakes Loppet Ski Festival.

    The Lakes Loppet Festival highlights the Luminary Loppet performance where skiers and fire dancers cross the frozen “Lake of the Isles”. The lake is bordered with lanterns, torches, candles in icebox casings.

    Indoor activities include the tasting of culinary specialties, art appreciation, and the Skyway System experience. The Skyway features climate-controlled footbridges that connect main town buildings.

    Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming)

                                    Yellowstone National Park | Pixabay


    If you want to experience a tour of Yellowstone, you should go there during the winter when there are only a few cars and people visiting. It is the best place to visit for ski-lovers. Roads are closed during the winter giving way for snowmobiles and snow coaches.

    Scenic views of frozen lakes and frosted trees are worth all your effort in braving the snow. Guided treks are available for you to view the amazing white sceneries. You can also relax in homey log cabins and four-star hotels.

    Fairbanks and Anchorage (Alaska)

    Aurora Borealis | Pixabay


    Alaska is a must-visit place for snow dwellers. It is the home of snow sceneries and snow sports. Though nights are longer in Alaska, it is not a reason not to enjoy winter activities, such as dog sledding and glacier hikes.

    The road to Fairbanks is like a Christmas ride aboard the Aurora Winter Train. Along the way, you will see a snow-covered landscape, and a few moose sightings.
    You can also appreciate the ice sculptures in the ice museum, which is open all year. While the months of September to March give way to the breath-taking show of Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights.

    Magic Mountain Ski Area (Vermont)

    Vermont Ski Resort | Pixabay


    Londonderry, Vermont is home to the grand ski resorts. The area has a slightly difficult terrain with sharp and zigzagging slopes traversing the woods. This kind of terrain is a favorite among intermediate skiers.

    Though not really for beginners, the ski resorts are beginning to develop offerings for ski newbies and small crowds. Most of the resorts also offer live music, drinks, and a nice overlooking mountain view.

    Destinations for Snow Haters

    Half Moon Bay (California)

    Half Moon Bay | Pixabay


    Half Moon Bay in California is one of the top places for those who dwell in warm weather. Maverick Beach showcases challenging surfing spots. It boasts huge waves that reach around 50 feet. During this time, casual surfing is not really advisable because of the huge and complicated waves.

    The Bay has an invitation-only event for surfers which they call “Titans of Mavericks.” It is a surfing competition that happens sometime between November and March.

    The Santa Cruz Mountains welcome visitors to explore and appreciate the natural beauty of Purisima Creek Redwoods Preserve.

    Key West (Florida)

    Ernest Hemingway Home | Pixabay


    One of the places with nice warm weather in the winter months is the Florida Keys. The temperature in the area plays around 74 degrees Fahrenheit in January. During those months, Florida Keys turn into such a busy and bustling district.

    Winter months in the Florida Keys is also the most expensive. Affordable means to experience the lively atmosphere is by watching the Sunset Celebration and lounging along Duval Street.

    Other activities include: visiting Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum that showcases the unusual six-toed cat, beach walking, and seafood dining.

    St. John (U.S. Virgin Islands)

    St. John Virgin Islands | Pixabay


    St. John is the Caribbean’s smallest and most virgin island. The only transportation to this natural treasure is through a ferry ride from St. Thomas. Its land area is mostly covered by the national park than the resort.

    It is a traveler’s paradise because of its lush flora and fauna. Pristine beaches, turquoise waters, verdant groves (great for trekking), emerald peaks, and view of pelicans, turtles and tropical flowers are some of its great features.

    However, the winter season is also the time right after a few storms hit the islands. Pretty sure some of the locals and establishments are still recovering from the damage. So before going to the islands, make sure to confirm your bookings if the hotels are in operation.

    New Orleans

    Mardi Gras | Pixabay


    New Orleans is full of festivities in the month of February. It is the celebration of Mardi Gras held on the day before Ash Wednesday. It is the mother of all the festivities.

    Streets are flooding with booze. You can see colorful parades and gigantic cakes all week until Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday. All walks of life lead to this place making the hotels fully-booked so better plan and reserve your accommodations early on.

    The weather and temperature during January and February are much more pleasant than in summer. There are other places to visit during the weeks before Mardi Gras. These include historic Treme and Marigny neighborhoods and the French Quarter.


    Image by David Mark from Pixabay

    As your trusted auto transport provider, we’d like you to have a great time during the winter months. So, before heading to your winter destination, call us to arrange your car shipping. Whether you are traveling to snowy regions or warm states, we got it all covered.

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