Auto Transport Picks: 14 Interesting Car Accessories for Your Holiday Road Trip

  • Auto Transport Picks: 14 Interesting Car Accessories for Your Holiday Road Trip

    Auto Transport Picks: 14 Interesting Car Accessories for Your Holiday Road Trip

    Road Trip | Pixabay

    When one speaks of a “road trip”, the first thing that comes to mind is fun. However, road trips can be made even more enjoyable, smoother and safer. It is by having the best set of gadgets and car accessories on board.

    Going on a road trip can be tiring and full of challenges. All the more reason to bring car accessories that can make the long drive much safer. Car gadgets and accessories also help in keeping the car interiors tidy and organized.

    If you are on the techie side, you might already have a few car gadgets. But if you are a tech newbie, this article can help you in choosing the most suitable gadgets and accessories for your car. Let’s get started.


    Breathalyzer | Pixabay

    While we significantly dishearten drinking and driving, we do trust it’s helpful to have a gadget that tells you regardless of whether you’re legitimately equipped for getting in the driver’s seat.

    Besides delivering the most exact test outcomes, this topnotch individual liquor analyzer is amazingly simple to utilize and read.

    Mirror Dash Cam

    Dash Cam | Pixabay

    This is one of the most popular car accessories these days. The mirror dash cam does not only provide safety and comfortable driving but also peace of mind. The camera records everything that happens during the road trip.

    Just in case you get involved in a collision or accident, the dashcam will record whether who is really at fault. This can provide evidence for the insurance company or law enforcement.

    The dashcam provides both front and rear views in one gadget. Depending on the brand, mirror dash cams have wide-angle lenses that can capture a wide view of the surroundings. It is also easy to operate because it is usually a touchscreen.

    Some dash cams have built-in fatigue alert that notifies the driver after two hours of driving. Some have gravity sensors that automatically back up the recorded footage in case of a collision or emergency.

    Driving Gloves

    Driving Gloves | Pixabay

    Driving gloves do not only give you a badass appeal but it also allows you to stay warm during extra cold days and nights. Look for ones with a perfect snug fit and made of comfortable material.

    Radar Detector

    Radar | Pixabay


    Well, driving on the highway is really highway and you can be carried away. Having a radar detector handy is the best way to slow down and avoid speeding tickets.


    Heads-up Display Projector Gadget

    Smartphone | Pixabay


    This is a new kind of gadget that lets you connect your mobile smartphone, be it Android or iOS. It projects the GPS navigation in front of you on a transparent screen. It can also be used to make and receive calls, control music and read texts.

    Car Vacuum Cleaner

    Car Vacuum | Pixabay


    Nobody wants to travel in a dirty and cluttered car. Having a car vacuum cleaner can help you in keeping the car interiors clean and tidy. It can clean even those hard to reach spaces and corners of your car.

    Look for one that is lightweight and portable. Choose one that is compatible with your car’s power supply. It is also helpful if you buy one that has an LED light so you can use it at night.

    Tire Safety Monitor

    Tire Marks | Pixabay


    Tire safety monitors can track the actual tire pressure in real-time. Some types of this gadget have charging port for devices and anti-theft lock system.


    Car Rooftop Hammock

    Hammock | Pixabay


    This gives your road trip a different spin. You can rest more comfortably under the sun or stars wherever you want. Rooftop hammocks let you take a rest anywhere you want because it is installed on your car’s roof.

    Choose one that is made from a high-quality aluminum material that is compatible with your existing car roof bars. Any standard hammock usually fits this unique installation.

    AI Car Charger

    Connectivity | Pixabay


    Artificial Intelligence-enabled car chargers are a handy addition to your road trip. It can help you navigate your smartphone hands-free through voice operation. It can also let you remotely operate your devices at home.

    Road Shower

    Shower | Pixabay

    Portable road showers can be mounted in your car so you can take a shower or clean up your stuff anywhere when you need to. Road showers are water tanks attached to your roof rack. The tank is solar heated and can hold around 5 gallons of water.

    Car Rooftop Tent

    Tent | Pixabay

    Though sleeping in the car during road trips is pretty normal, have you ever imagined sleeping on top of it in a tent? Yes, it is possible. Rooftop tents are usually made of a hard material which makes it sturdy. It can accommodate up to 2 adults and 2 children. It can be used in any kind of weather. Plus, it has a window that lets you view the beautiful night sky.

    Portable Car Coffee Maker

    Coffee Maker | Pixabay

    This one is for those who love to drink coffee. It is perfect for making pick me upper drinks on the go. It is usually compatible with the car cigarette lighter.

    No worries about the size because it is normally fitted to the car’s cup holder. It can make espresso in just a few minutes.

    Inflatable Bed

    Inflatable Bed | Pixabay


    You can turn your car’s backseat into a bedroom by adding this inflatable car bed on your next road trip. It is normally suitable for sedans and SUVs. No more worries when you want to sleep comfortably and safely on the road. Inflatable beds usually come with an inflator or deflator, pillows and repair kit.

    Food and Drinks Cooler and Heater

    Mini Ref | Pixabay


    On different occasions, you might want to have either warm or cold food or beverage. By having a portable cooler and warmer on board, you can have cold or warm food on the go. This portable companion can fit up to 6 soda cans. It is lightweight, compact and compatible with your car cigarette lighter.

    Classic Car | Pixabay

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