August: Is it a Good Time to Buy a Car?

  • August: Is it a Good Time to Buy a Car?

    August: Is it a Good Time to Buy a Car?

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    Congratulations on your newly-unlocked goal! You are now ready to buy a new car. Whether this is your first time or nth time, we are glad to give you some hints on why you should buy your dream car this month. You may opt for a used car, but if you like it fresh and new, now is really a great time to buy a vehicle.

    In this article, we will discuss some of the reasons why it is a good time to buy a new vehicle. By following good timing, you might be able to save a couple of bucks in buying a new vehicle. Read on to know more.

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    The Time is Right

    The whole year is busy with car dealerships. Many new car models are coming in and going out. But we must say that August is a pretty good month to buy a car for a few great reasons.

    According to other car websites, car prices are much lower in the month of August compared to the rest of the year. You can get a discount ranging from $150 to $500 if you buy during this month. That’s a steal!

    Though some people think that December is the best time to buy a car because of the numerous car promotions and deals. Several data shows that December is the most expensive month to buy a vehicle.

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    Out With the Old, In With the New

    One good reason to buy a vehicle this month is that some car dealerships are actually clearing out older models to make way for the newer ones. During this time, older models are priced at a much lower price so that they can be easily sold.

    If saving money is your main reason, you should really buy your vehicle during this time.

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    Opt for Used Cars

    If you aren’t really looking to buy a new car, you can check out car selling websites for great deals this August. You can be lucky enough to find a 3-year-old used car at a great price.

    Though you may not easily find a used Honda because it can easily be sold. You might find your luck in buying a Lincoln because it is more difficult to sell. The average transaction price is also lower in August according to statistical data from


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    Days to Buy

    If you fail to buy in August, you can still score better deals in other months of the year. Perfect timing is key.

    In buying a new car, it is best to buy on the first two days of the month or during Sundays. This is based on shopping trends that show the transaction prices are significantly lower.


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    And that’s it! We hope you like our blog for this week. We hope that this has been helpful in your car buying journey.

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