Why You Should Bring a Mechanic before Buying a Second-Hand Car

  • Why You Should Bring a Mechanic before Buying a Second-Hand Car

    Why You Should Bring a Mechanic before Buying a Second-Hand Car

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    You have seen this online listing of a used car that you really liked for years. The ad description says it is almost like brand new and in good running condition. With just a few words you have read and the car’s picture, you have already decided to buy it.

    You are ready to meet the seller for the personal inspection and in your heart you are 99% sure that you are going to buy it. Just because it is your dream car for more than half the price.


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    A car up for sale may look well on the outside and work perfectly fine upon your first road testing. It may seem flawless, well-conditioned, and all. But with a close inspection performed by a seasoned and knowledgeable mechanic, hidden flaws and defects can be easily seen.

    Obviously, car sellers will not mention any previous crash and repairs. But the physical evidence may not hide what really happened to the car.

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    Without the help of a well-experienced mechanic, you might easily fall into buying the shiny little car of your dreams even if it is overpriced compared to what it is really worth.

    In this article, we would like to discuss why you should never skip this step: bringing a mechanic for the pre-purchase inspection. We do not want you to lose in this buying game. So, if you are not yet convinced with what is mentioned above, let us explain it further below.

    It Lets You Decide Rationally


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    If you go alone, you might be swayed by a lot of different factors around you. It can be your mood, your spouse, the salesman, etc. But if you bring a mechanic for the pre-purchase inspection, you might see the whole picture differently and more accurately. This prevents you from having regrets in the future.

    It Can Help You Reduce the Car’s Price


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    A used or slightly used vehicle may look and feel brand new. This is an opportunity for car dealers and sellers to take the price higher. However, if you bring a mechanic with you, he can check the crucial parts of the vehicle and give you a more accurate assessment of the vehicle’s value.

    This helps you to look more deeply into the car than its superficial features. Your mechanic may find repaired and replaced parts inside the engine. This information can help you to negotiate the price with the seller.

    It Lets You Foresee Future Problems


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    If you bring a trust-worthy mechanic, he may be able to give you an honest account of the cars status. He can also give you a hint of possible car problems in the future depending on the defects he discovered.

    He can give you an idea of what parts are already or almost worn out and needs replacing. Or what car repair services you might need to avail in the future.

    These simple highlights can help you decide if you are still willing to buy the car and spend a couple of dollars more for the repairs and replacement.

    This gives you a better understanding of the car’s value and a chance to make wiser decisions.

    car repair

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    Buying a used car is a risky decision. Every used car has its own history. And some parts of it are not really desirable.

    But you can reduce the risks by bringing a well-experienced mechanic to inspect the vehicle thoroughly for you. A couple of bucks for the inspection is nothing compared to a whole lot of future repairs and replacements. Bring a mechanic, reduce the risks and make a wiser decision.

    classic car

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    That was our article for this week. We hope that this has been a helpful and informative one.

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