What to Pack in Your Car on Your Next Summer Road Trip

  • What to Pack in Your Car on Your Next Summer Road Trip

    What to Pack in Your Car on Your Next Summer Road Trip

    summer essentials

    Summer Essentials | Pixabay

    We’ve just officially entered the first few days of summer. And because of that, most of us are planning to have lots of fun under the sun. But before we head to our summer destination, it is good to stuff our cars with essential items that can keep us comfortable along the way.

    car beside man

    Summer Road Trip | Pixabay

    It is not just the comfort that we are aiming for but also to stay prepared for any kind of situation. And we also need to bring the stuff we cannot live without.

    We have created a checklist of summer essentials to bring in your car if you are traveling alone or with your family (children). Read on:


    sun glasses on the sand

    Sun Glasses | Pixabay

    The sun shines brighter than the usual during summer. Therefore, you must protect your eyes from its powerful rays. Bring two sunglasses – one in your car and another in your bag. This way, you won’t need to go back to the car to get it.

    Sunblock Lotion or Spray

    sunscreen spray and lotion

    Sunscreen | Pixabay

    The heat of the sun may damage the skin which could eventually lead to skin cancer. You can protect yourself and your loved ones by bringing in some sunscreen lotion or spray.

    Apply the sunscreen a few minutes before sun exposure and reapply every two hours. If you are sweating heavier than the usual, it is recommended to reapply more frequently. You can also wear a wide-brimmed hat for added protection.

    Sanitizing Gel

    hand sanitizer

    Hand Sanitizer | Pixabay

    This one is essential in any season. You do not want to catch a cold. It is not always possible to hand wash, so a hand sanitizer could always come in handy.

    Sun Shade


    Windshield | Pixabay

    Putting a sunshade in your car’s window can protect you from the sun’s glares. It can also keep your car cool even when under the scorching weather.

    Reusable Tumbler


    Tumbler | Pixabay

    Using plastic water bottles can present the danger of leaching harmful chemicals into your water. Though not yet proven, it is much better to be on the safe side.

    Bring a reusable and refillable water bottle which you can fill with water and freeze beforehand. You can place it in an insulated bag so it stays cool.

    Wet Wipes

    wet wipes

    Wipes | Pixabay

    Wet wipes are so convenient to use. It can clean just about any kind of spill, stain or dirt. You can also use it to refresh from the hot weather.

    Ice Packs

    ice pack

    Ice Pack | Pixabay

    Stuff a few disposable ice packs in the glove compartment – along with some antibiotic cream and band-aids. This can come in handy when your kids get accidentally hurt during summer play.

    Tetra Pack Juices

    juice box

    Juice Box | Pixabay

    Bring juice boxes to quench your thirst when you cannot find a water fountain nearby. Make sure to place the packs inside insulated bags to keep them cool.


    granola bars

    Granola Bars | Pixabay

    When you are traveling with kids, it is inevitable that they would be hungry down the road. Bringing some snack is the best way to prepare for this situation. Dry snacks are best to bring, such as granola bars, biscuits, nuts, and graham crackers.

    Insulated Bag

    insulated box

    Insulated Box | Pixabay

    Insulated bags are essential when going grocery shopping. It keeps you from ruining your frozen goods. During a long summer road trip, insulated bags or boxes can keep your food and drinks fresh and cool.



    Umbrella | Pixabay

    Umbrella can come in handy just in case it rains unexpectedly. But it can also protect you from the sun’s heat. Bring a big one for rain protection and a smaller one for walking under the sun.

    Paper Towels

    paper towel

    Paper Towel | Pixabay

    Paper towels are your best companion when traveling with kids. It can help you clean up spills and dirt in the car. The paper towel roll can also be used as a support pillow for your lower back.

    Bug Spray

    insect repellent

    Insect Repellent | Pixabay

    You can avoid getting bitten by mosquitos during this season. Always bring insect repellant spray or lotion to protect your kids and yourself from insect bites. Bring anti-itch cream and hydrocortisone for insect bite relief.

    Zipper Plastic Bags

    ziploc bag

    Ziploc Bag | Pixabay

    Zipper bags have a wide range of uses. It can contain just about anything and keep it from spilling in the car. It can also be used as a food container and a trash bag. I think every parent swear to the wonders of the Ziploc bag.



    Tools | Pixabay

    Your Go-Bag is basically your emergency kit. Stuff it with the most essential tools that you may need in case of emergencies. This should stay in the car at all times.

    A Go-Bag should contain jumper cables, tire gauge, flashlight, mobile charging cable, power bank, reflector vest, glow sticks, first aid kit, etc.

    Clothes and Gear

    summer gear

    Summer Gear | Pixabay

    Bring some essential clothing, such as tops, shorts, flip flops, towels, swimsuits, and underwears. You may also include some basic hygiene and grooming essentials.

    man with bag walking

    Summer Trip | Pixabay

    You are good to go! Hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as we do writing it. If we forgot to mention anything in the article, feel free to leave a comment below.

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