Father’s Day Gift Ideas: 2019 Edition

  • Father’s Day Gift Ideas: 2019 Edition

    Father’s Day Gift Ideas: 2019 Edition


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    It is just a few days before Father’s Day. Have you decided what to give your daddy or husband on that day? We’ve come up with a few ideas you can use to decide on that perfect gift.

    It may not be all but most of our fathers surely are petrol heads. And we are going to enumerate some affordable and wise gift ideas that could fit your dad’s strict standards.

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    Father’s Day falls on the third Sunday of June. So, we still got a week to decide on what to give our dads.

    Personalized Shirt

    shirts tees tshirts

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    Your dad might be a silent type. He might not be telling that he is fond of cars. Why not give him something that will let him make a statement?

    How about a t-shirt with a nice print? Choose a print of his favorite car or you can buy a ready-to-wear shirt from online shops. Some car websites sell their own merchandise including t-shirts.

    Tire Pressure Tester

    tire pressure gauge

    Pressure Gauge | Pixabay

    Tire pressure affects road safety, fuel efficiency, and tire tread. Give your dad a tire pressure tester as a complementary tool for his car’s built-in tire meter.

    Built-in tire meters only show a warning when the tires are 25% low on pressure. A digital tire pressure gauge can guarantee that his tires are in the right pressure.

    Garage Hub


    Garage | Pixabay

    This one is a unique choice. This requires dad to do some manual labor. Why not?

    Giving him a garage door control system is one of the coolest ideas. He can control the garage door using his smartphone or iPhone. It can be a great conversation piece for his golf mates.

    Socket Set

    socket wrenches

    Socket Wrench | Pixabay

    10 mm socket wrenches are essential tools when tinkering with a vehicle. Imagine the horror of losing it when you most need it.

    Give him a 10-pack 10 mm socket tool set. There are sets with pairs of each so he can have an extra when he misplaces one. Make sure that the set has different types of sockets.

    Tachometer Watch


    Tachometer | Pixabay

    Can you think of an even cooler design for a watch when you are a car guy? A tachometer-inspired watch is a really interesting timepiece. And it can also be a great conversation piece.

    Driving Shoes

    driving shoes

    Driving Shoes | Pixabay

    When you know that your dad likes to drive, you better give him the right shoes. Make sure that his feet are comfortable as he presses the pedals. Driving shoes are tailor-made to fit the maneuvers of driving.

    He will have smooth driving and be great-looking with those driving shoes. Look for a design that will match his taste.

    Driving Class

    driving class

    Driving Class | Pixabay

    If you can afford it, why not give dad a dream come true. We are talking about performance driving class. He might be a seasoned driver but there is still a lot to learn.

    Performance driving classes are usually two-day courses about proper driving and car maneuvering. Prices vary depending on the provider.

    Gift Card

    gift card

    Gift Card | Pixabay

    Gift cards are a sure win. If you cannot really decide what to give dad, you might just give him a gift card. Look for a gift card that he can actually use.

    father and child

    There you have it! We hope you all have a happy Father’s Day!

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