Secret Car Features You Should Know About

  • Secret Car Features You Should Know About

    Secret Car Features You Should Know About

    Easter is a little bit far from now. But there are still a few more surprise car features that we are itching to tell you about.

    The following are some additions to our Easter egg car features post.

    Easter eggs | Photo by Monika Grabkowska on Unsplash
    Something Familiar

    Aston Martin Vanquish | Motor Trend

    Aston Martin Vanquish has a pretty surprising feature that is not so obvious at first sight. The automakers had fun in putting these tiny tweaks on its design. Though the brand is known for performance and luxury, this Easter egg feature proved that the brand can also show some creativity.

    When you look at the rear end of the Vanquish, you will see two ordinary back headlights. But if you look a little closer, you will notice that the shape of the two headlights forms the shape of Aston Martins iconic logo.

    Amazing Light Show

    Tesla always adds a little extra to their cars. And its not surprising to see something of this sort. What about a mini light show?

    Yes. You read that right  a light show. Teslas Model X is one of the vehicles with impressive Easter egg features.

    To activate the light show, the driver needs to press down the T button in the car and enter either: ModelXmas or holiday. This will initiate the coordinated light display.

    The Hidden Camera

    Volkswagen Rear Camera | Euro Car News

    Volkswagen Passat CC and Golf possess a nice feature hiding just behind its iconic logo. What is it? It is the rear camera.

    When the driver activates the reversing camera, the logo flips up and reveals the lens behind it. It looks like a special feature from the Batmobile (in the superhero movie).

    The Skyline

    Chrysler 200 | Auto Parts Warehouse

    This secret feature is one intresting and clever design tweak made by Chrysler. It made use of its origins skyline while removing its competition from the picture. How? Look at Chrysler 200s floor mats.

    The floor mat shows Detroit skyline. But if you look closely, a building is missing from the view. And that is GM Renaissance Center  Chryslers competitor.

    Spiders Web

    Volvo XC90 | Eurokar

    Easter eggs make adults and kids feel happy. And in the Volvo XC90, the automaker added a fun surprise feature that will bring a smile to both kid and adult alike. Behind the lid of a storage bin hides a spiders web design.

    And it is not just a spiders web. You can see a funny spider that will be appealing to kids. It is easier to tell them to put away their toys in the bin.

    Race Tracks

    Dodge Viper SRT | MSN

    The Dodge Viper SRT pays homage to its racing heritage through this tiny Easter egg feature. It is small but it will surely impress racing enthusiasts.
    Near the window switches of the Dodge Viper SRT is a small plastic bin shaped like the iconic racing tracks  Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca and Nurburgring Nordschleife.

    Rain Protection

    Skoda Superb means no-nonsense when it comes to surprise features. This special feature is very useful in various weathers: an umbrella.
    And it is not only an umbrella but also a dedicated slot for storing it. It is first seen in Skoda cars in 2001 and is seen in many others ever since.

    Red Jeep

    Jeep Trailhawk | Jeep Forum

    This Easter egg feature is both cool and historical. Like what a Jeep is, this feature can easily capture hearts. The Trailhawks wheels showcase a small red Willys Jeep.

    Ambient Light

    This surprising feature is more of a design than an Easter egg. But it is a nice surprise to Mercedes-Benz CLS owners to have the entire interior light up in bright colors. 

    The colors may also change depending on the car features that the driver is using. This could be a great addition to other cars.

    Car-shaped Fob

    Tesla Model S | The Infamous Wolf

    Car key fobs are more common today. But Tesla decided to go the extra mile by making something artistic. It is the car-shaped key fob.
    Tesla Model S took some design ideas from Porsche by making the key fobs like the car itself. It is extremely artistic and cool to show off.

    American Heritage

    1996 Chevrolet Corvette | Flickr

    Chevrolet made it even more obvious that the brand is American past time. In 1196, Chevy has hidden an Easter egg behind the passenger seat of Corvette Convertibles. It is literally hidden.
    To be able to take a peek, one should pull up the carpet. And what is in store  engraved symbols of bat and baseball, hotdog, Chevy logo, and an apple pie. 

    Tribute Seat Belts

    Paying homage to its roots, Volvo XC90 showcases a very smart feature. In its seatbelts, there are engraved text Since 1959. 
    1959 is the year when Volvo added three-point seat belts to their vehicles. It is one of the most notable changes in automobile safety.

    Century Headlights

    Ford GT40 | Jalopnik

    Ford GT40 showcases commemorative headlights to celebrate its 100th anniversary. The headlights literally looked like the figure 100.”
    The one headlight shows 100 while the other one shows 001. It is a fun and clever way to add a surprise feature as a top automaker can do.

    Hello Sunshine!

    Chrysler Pacifica | Auto Trader

    The Chrysler Pacifica will brighten up your day with its surprise feature. In addition to its umbrella holder, the holder has an engraved image of a smiling sun with clouds. It will surely cheer you up even on a gloomy day.

    Easter eggs | Photo by Laurentiu Iordache on Unsplash

    And that wraps up our post for this week! We hope you liked our round-up of surprise car features. 

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