April is National Car Care Month

  • April is National Car Care Month

    April is National Car Care Month

    April is National Car Care Month

    National Car Care Month

    April is a significant month for everyone who owns a vehicle. It is because April is the National Car Care Month. This month-long observance is headed by the Car Care Council to reiterate the importance of vehicle care and maintenance.
    April is National Car Care Month

    Car Care

    Proper car care is a way to show our mutual relationship with our vehicles. We depend on them to get to where we want to while they depend on us to keep them in good shape.
    You can observe this month by doing these simple steps to keep your car in its tiptop condition:
    Car Cleaning
    April is National Car Care Month

    Car Wash

    April is the perfect time to clean your car. Since it is spring, you can clean your car by yourself. But if you want a thorough wash, you can just bring it to the nearest car wash.
    Winter leaves a lot of dirt and grime seated in the interior and exterior of the car. Make sure that it is cleaned from top to bottom.  Grab a vacuum cleaner to clean the interiors and hard to reach areas. It is also a great time to wax your tires and wipe clean the glass and plastic parts of the vehicle.
    Oil Changing
    April is National Car Care Month

    Oil Change

    Oil accumulates a lot of dirt as it is being used by the vehicle. Dirty oil can damage the engine and make it work even harder. Make sure to change your oil according to the schedule on your cars user manual.
    Wiper Blades Replacement
    April is National Car Care Month

    Wiper Blades


    Wipers work double time during the winter months. It is time to check if these are still in good condition or needs to be replaced.
    Tire Inspection
    April is National Car Care Month

    Tire Inspection


    You can finally remove the winter tires now that the weather has changed. If you are using old winter tires, remember to buy new ones before the next winter hits. Before installing the new tires, make sure that they are still in good condition and still have deep treads.
    Brake Checking
    April is National Car Care Month



    Brakes get worn out with use. If you hear an unusual screeching sound, it could be a sign that you need to change the brake pads. Failing to do so can damage the brake rotor which is a little bit expensive to replace.


    Vehicle Record Checking
    April is National Car Care Month

    Maintenance Checklist


    This is a simple step to keep tabs on your car maintenance routine. Have a checklist of what you need to check and see if all of the maintenance work are up to date. Make sure that you replaced the filter, changed the oil, rotated the tires, checked the brakes, and replaced the fluids. If not, better bring your car right away to the nearest car service shop.
    You Can Get a Free Guide!
    April is National Car Care Month


    Car Care Council disseminates free copies of car care guide for free. This is to inform all vehicle owners of the most basic up to the most important measures that they need to do for a well-maintained vehicle. You can download it for free from their website at www.carcare.org/car-care-guide.
    The car care guide includes information about different car systems, car maintenance checklists, and other tips on caring for a vehicle.
    April is National Car Care Month

    Car Repair Shop


    There you go! We hope that you keep your car well-taken care of in all months of the year. Take care of your car and it will also take care of you. Happy National Car Care Month!

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