Why You Should Use A Broker For Your Vehicle Transportation

  • Why You Should Use A Broker For Your Vehicle Transportation

    Why You Should Use A Broker For Your Vehicle Transportation

    We’ve all been there. A car needs to be transported from one place to another and driving is not really an option.

    In all of these cases, you want to be sure that your valuable car that you have paid for with hard-earned money, is in the hands of the right people. Good brokers provide you with vehicle transportation services that are reliable, fast and inexpensive.

    In this article, we explain why using a reputable broker for your next vehicle transportation is a good idea.

    Competitive pricing

    Brokers contact a variety of carriers to obtain the most competitive rate on the market.

    The alternative to using brokers is approaching transport carriers directly. If they deal with you directly, they might not give you the best price. This is especially true since you’re not dealing with them on the same scale as brokers.

    Like in wholesale, using a broker who has many connections can be a cheaper option than pursuing transport carriers yourself.

    Better communication

    Carriers’ sole job is the actual transporting of the vehicle. Brokers may have alternative and better channels of communication that will benefit you when you need to know the location of your vehicle. Furthermore, if a delay occurs, a broker is more likely to be on top of it and keep you informed.

    The great brokers strive to keep you informed without you having to ask.

    Reliable and well-timed vehicle transportation

    If you approach a carrier, you’re stuck with the truck they use for transport. You don’t get the flexibility to choose a carrier that is leaving sooner without possibly paying more.

    By using a quality broker, not only are you awarded that flexibility, you also don’t have to do any of the actual work. A carrier will be selected that is the best possible fit for your time frames.

    With a variety of carriers to choose from, the right broker will work to get your car delivered as soon as possible.


    Good brokers check many variables when selecting a carrier. Not only is the correct insurance coverage a necessity in selecting a carrier, many other factors play an important role in overall safety.

    However, looking for experienced, reliable broker with a proven record will increase the chances for you to have your car delivered without a scratch.


    Almost everyone agrees that using a reputable broker is a no-brainer. No other service can offer the advantages that they do while still being competitively priced and reliable

    The right broker will provide you with a free customized quote, with only basic vehicle information and zip to zip needed. You should definitely take advantage of this and have a broker arrange your vehicle transport.

    We are a company run and managed by a family with a great experience as an auto transport brokerage in U.S. and Canada.

    Balch Logistics offers personalized quotes at competitive prices and have flexible payment options (major credit cards and other payment options).

    If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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