Trucking Industry Employs Big Hearts

  • Trucking Industry Employs Big Hearts

    Trucking Industry Employs Big Hearts

    The three-day event at the recent Greabt American Trucking Show (GATS) showed positive changes within the trucking industry particularly for the health care of those in the industry and those in need.

    Charity and Social Activism

    Many participants of the tradeshow participated in charity and social activist events including Linda Caffee, a board member of the Women In Trucking (WIT) Association and a member of the Trucking Solutions Group. Along with Ellen Voie, founder of WIT, the two women eagerly accepted the Ice Bucket challenge. A bucket of ice and water drenched their warm bodies from the contrastingly hot temperatures that reached over hundred degrees in Dallas, TX that week. The event hosted by Cari Baylor of Baylor Trucking, supported Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Watch the challenge on the WIT Association YouTube Channel here.

    Linda Voie, also supported other health causes hosted by Trucking Solutions Group. They held a blood drive and a recruitment of bone marrow donors. Even though the tradeshow is over, it is easy to register as a bone marrow donor. It takes a quick swap inside the mouth to register and when a match arises; an exchange involves just a simple procedure. Find out more information at bone marrow donors.


    Bob Perry, Founder and President of Rolling Strong shared exercise and fitness tips to drivers looking for a healthier lifestyle.

    Social Positive Change

    Other organizations focus on how the trucking industry can create positive changes socially. One such organization, Truckers Against Trafficking featured their trailer, Freedom Drivers Project. The film depicted ways to identify trafficking victims and how truckers on the road can help.

    Just in time for the holiday, Wreaths Across America, ensures wreaths arrive to families with those who have fallen soldier relatives. Families can honor their loved one with a wreath placed on their grave.

    The tradeshow showcased the generosity and united community that makes up those who work in the trucking industry. Members of the trucking industry not only support each other, but also advocate for reputable charities, healthcare, and socially conscious activism. The next time you see a truck driver, salute them for the hard work and dedication to their industry and thank them for their service to others.

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