Virtual Technology Personalized En Route

  • Virtual Technology Personalized En Route

    Virtual Technology Personalized En Route

    Mobileand smartphone technology is rapidly advancing, and with it, so is the recognition of location-based services.  Smartphone’s feature applications have the capability to capture data anytime, anywhere about events, offers, and services in immediate surroundings. For automobile journeys, these services propose real benefits relevant to final destinations and specific routes.

    Car manufacturers have already implemented many of the location-based services in vehicles.  However, the auto industry is adding more value to the system by personalizing the experience.  The individual user will eventually have more control to manipulate what features they want enabled or not.

    A new research project called, “Virtual marketplace of the future” by BMW Group Research and Technology, is taking on the challenge to infiltrate personal needs and preferences into individualized location-based services for your automobile.

    Key players envision a system that provides users with a context-adaptive, partiality-based and opportune offers and data applicable to their course of direction.  For example, a joint research venture between SAP, a software manufacturer and BMW developed a prototype system for the BMW 7-Series.  SAP expanded a cloud-based virtual marketplace solution, while BMW implemented the software system. The result, backend-based system that uses real-time vehicle and location data along with the driver’s customized settings to filter services and offers.

    Drivers can set their own preferences, and real-time information is used to forecast driver’s needs during transport.  For instance, the system could automatically find parking information, including availability and rates, when approaching a destination. The most appropriate parking locations display based on the user’s preferences and customized settings. The driver has the ability to select the systems’ recommendations and adopt the parking destination in the navigation scheme.

    The automobile industry is paving the way for even more advances and added levels of convenience and comfort.  The joint research project between BMW and SAP is a prime example. Imagine driving your car and operating a navigation system that not only quickly guides you to your destination, but also exhibits the lowest gas prices at filling stations or special deals at restaurants or sports arenas close-by. This is the future, and the user is at the center.

    Intrigued by the personalized services available with the new prototype BMW 7-series?  Balch Logistics dedicates itself to customers just like you who expect and appreciate a personal touch. We define extraordinary service.  We are happy to facilitate the safe and reliable transport of your state-of-the-art vehicle.  Once you call us, we arrange everything; just sit back, relax, and wait for the safe arrival of your specialized vehicle.

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