One Guaranteed Way for Motivation

  • One Guaranteed Way for Motivation

    One Guaranteed Way for Motivation

    Many employees make big sacrifices to meet their responsibilities at work, and according to the statistics, the majority of them don’t feel their hard work is being acknowledged. 69 percent of employees say they would work harder if their efforts were acknowledged, and over 50 percent feel that their company doesn’t really care about them. These are staggering numbers. When employees don’t feel valued, they have little motivation to succeed and are less productive. In a business, this can create a vicious cycle where managers see less and less effort on the job. The only way to turn it around is to start giving positive feedback and encourage recognition at all levels.

    Recognition from Managers

    As with all company initiatives, this one must begin with management. Managers are busy and frankly don’t have time to lavish their employees with praise 24/7, but if employee recognition isn’t a priority, it may fall by the wayside altogether. A little encouragement and praise go a long, long way. Lower-level employees rarely get to see the fruits of their labors, so if you receive a thankful email from one of your clients, make sure to share it with the entire team. Single out the employees who helped bring the success about. To make sure you’re giving every employee adequate attention, create a spreadsheet that keeps track of their successes. It won’t take too much time, and it will ensure that nobody is left out.

    Encourage Peer-to-Peer Recognition

    Managers can’t do it all alone, and that’s why peer-to-peer recognition is essential. Coworkers interact with one another far more than they interact with management. Create a company-wide initiative that encourages employees to recognize each other’s efforts. One idea is to create a bulletin or shared document that allows employees to give one another anonymous praise on their successes.

    Promote Self-Promotion

    Everyone likes to brag a little bit, and you can encourage self-promotion by creating a bulletin or online platform where employees post results of their projects. Because some employees may not be naturally inclined to share their successes, require that each employee post at least one update a month on their work. This will get everyone involved.

    Transportation Solutions with Balch Logistics

    At Balch Logistics, our passion is for productivity and efficiency. A large part of our success has come from a strong company culture that’s driven by initiatives like the ones discussed above. Try them out at your place of business and see what happens. We work with fleet operators, the automotive industry, and car dealerships to improve shipping and transportation logistics. For more information, visit our  homepage.

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