Life in the Fast Lane

  • Life in the Fast Lane

    Life in the Fast Lane

    There’s something both freeing and exciting when you’re cruising along the highway, traffic and worry-free. Now, imagine that you are cruising at a speed of 270 mph. Most vehicles don’t have that kind of horsepower, which is why the Hennessey Venom GT is the fastest road car in the world. Setting a mark of 270.49mph, it beat the previous title-holder, the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, by just 0.63mph. To test the vehicle’s super speed, Hennessey took its car to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida to run the car on NASA’s 3.2-mile Space Shuttle landing runway.

    According to Auto Express, “The official Guinness World Record requires two runs in opposite directions to work out an average speed – meaning tailwinds are taken into account.” However, since the Venom GT wasn’t able to do this on that runway, the Bugatti still technically remains the champion. Here are the top ten fastest road cars recorded from 2014 to 2015:

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