Protect Your Cell Phone from Attacks While Driving

  • Protect Your Cell Phone from Attacks While Driving

    Protect Your Cell Phone from Attacks While Driving

    When you slide into the driver’s seat, odds are you hook your mobile device up to your vehicle’s technology center. However, you probably haven’t thought about the security concerns associated with connectivity security. When it comes to USB ports, Bluetooth tethering, or wireless service, malicious hackers can anonymously connect to your personal devices through a wireless connection. Balch Logistics shares your apprehension and addresses some main issues about car-device connectivity security.

    Bluetooth security

    There are a number of Bluetooth security risks and a few best practices to protect devices.

    • Only connect Bluetooth functionality when necessary
    • Enable essential Bluetooth discovery only
    • Monitor all paired devices closely
    • Pair devices using a secure long passkey
    • Routinely patch and update all Bluetooth-enabled devices
    • Immediately following use, remove paired devices
    • If you are prompted unexpectedly, never enter your passkeys or PIN

    USB port security

    USB security hacks are referred to as “Juice Jacking.”  USB port connections are password protected, just as Bluetooth is, but are still vulnerable to threats. Prevent an unauthorized hacker from downloading information or installing malware via USB port with these best practices:

    • Stay away from using public charging stations
    • Utilize a normal power cord for charging on the go
    • Set the default connection to ‘charge only’ and manually set the charge type

    Balch Logistics is concerned about your safety and attuned to the risks associated while being connected while driving.  We make sure all your auto transport needs are met with the highest safety rate and that any potential risks are eliminated. We rank among the top rated auto transport companies for a reason.  Contact us today at 281-859-4400. We would love to help!

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