Is Your Self-Driving Car Safe from Hacking?

  • Is Your Self-Driving Car Safe from Hacking?

    Is Your Self-Driving Car Safe from Hacking?

    Self-driving cars may be where the automobile industry is headed, but, is it safe? Because of data breaches at major corporations like Sony and Home Depot, all industries are expanding cyber-security measures and are looking for ways to protect their customers.

    Over the next decade, this issue is especially true for automated and semi-automated cars as they drive into the mass marketplace.
    Envisioning the worst-case scenario, an automated cyber-security breach made by a malicious hacker could inhibit the brakes, stall the car in the middle of traffic or turn the automobile off the road.

    It is up to car manufacturers to make self-driving technology safe. And it is up to government regulators like the Federal Trade Commission to collaborate with the automobile industry to govern data and vehicle security issues.

    Last year, Charlie Miller of Twitter and Chris Valasek of IOActive published a paper denoting the “most hackable” cars and explained the projection of vehicle cyber-attacks. The publication details three distinct phases. It begins with hackers gaining access to automobile’s electronic control unit. Then, hackers inject devious code. Finally, they take action, interfering with the car’s controls such as inhibiting the steering wheel or brakes. All of these actions can be done remotely. Regardless, automobile manufacturers must consider possible security risks beyond the normal scope of customers.

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