Google and the Auto Industry

  • Google and the Auto Industry

    Google and the Auto Industry

    What that means to you as a consumer and driver

    Are you an Android user?  Well Google has something for you!  It’s cleverly called Android Auto.   The news was revealed without specific details in January when Google started the Open Automotive Alliance.  The coalition brings technology and automotive companies like Ford, Chrysler, and Volkswagen together to make safer technology for cars.  I would think trucks are in that category too.  Or maybe that is next.  Regardless it is time to integrate safer technology for all vehicles on the road.

    Enough of my soapbox.  Back to Android Auto.

    Google officially unveiled the new software at Google I/O 2014 Wednesday, June 25th.  It’s an operating system exclusively for car dashboard displays.

    Features of the software:

    • Links to driver’s Android device
    • Uses dashboard monitor as interface
    • Accesses apps operated by drivers and passengers such as Google Maps, Google Talk, and Spotify
    • Activates controls with voice recognition technology, touch screen experience, and steering wheel handling
    • Returns audible answers through car speakers
    • Requires users to plug-in and go hands-free which increases reliability and hands hopefully on the helm
    • Reveals car mechanics such as your last oil change date – future features are being discussed like tire leaks or broken taillights

    The software application not only has advantages for consumers but for Google.  Google is able to tap into where you drive, what you search, and what you listen to all while you’re driving.  Google sneaks into your actions as an individual and car driver.  More information for Google means future tailored technology and consumer invasion – oops meant to say — personalization.

    Okay so you benefit, Google benefits and guess who else reaps bonuses?  Android.  Connecting cars and phones increases phone loyalty.  Since you are less likely to upgrade your car like your iPhone, you remain a loyal customer to Android.

    Android Auto is not available quite yet but there are hints it will be out by the end of the year.  In the meantime, let’s remain safe on the roads.

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