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At Balch Logistics, our team is dedicated and committed to making sure your vehicle is delivered to you in the same condition as when it was picked up. We have been in the transportation industry for years and we know what we’re doing—we’ve turned the process into a science.

The Carriers

We love and appreciate the drivers out on the road! We work with only the most professional carrier companies. Each carrier is thoroughly checked out and vetted before we ever allow a driver to pick up a vehicle. We verify insurance, authority documents, safety ratings, references and more. Over the years, we have developed relationships with a quality base of carriers and drivers that we work with, each of whom is credentialed and reliable. We never “spam” our clients’ vehicles out to random carriers.

About Balch Logistics

Balch Logistics has a reputation in the industry as one of the most dependable auto transport brokers in the country. Whether you are a dealership with fleet needs, have a classic car that needs to be handled with special care, buying or selling a vehicle online, or relocating, Balch Logistics can assist you—we’ve done it all! We even move armored cars and federal government vehicles. We can also offer enclosed vehicle transport services as well.

To learn more about our security protocol, please contact Balch Logistics today at (281) 859 – 4400, and one of our friendly and knowledgeable transport specialists will be happy to assist you!

Why Balch


The safest means in vehicle transportation. Our fully vetted network ensures safety every mile we move.

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Customer Driven

Exceptional support, constant communication, and service you can rely on.

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Expertise you can trust. Balch Logistics continues to evolve & invest in your transportation options.

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