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At Balch Logistics, we take care of our customers from start to finish and everything in between. When you hire us to take care of your vehicle shipping, you just give us the order and we’ll take it from there. We’ll also provide you with daily updates, so you can focus on what you do best while not having to worry about the status of your vehicle.

Vehicle Transportation Services

We can arrange shipping for all types of vehicles, including cars, work trucks, oversized vehicles and motorcycles, for individuals, automobile dealerships and corporations. Whether you are a dealership with fleet needs, have a classic car that needs to be handled with special care, buying a vehicle online, or relocating, we’ve done it all! We even move armored cars, federal government vehicles, up-fitted and specialized work trucks and offer enclosed transport services as well.

Our door to door service means your vehicle won’t be sitting at a terminal or drop yard waiting for the next truck to pick it up. We stay in control of the transport from pick up to delivery.

Enclosed Automobile Transportation

If you prefer – We can arrange to have your vehicle transported in a completely enclosed trailer designed to transport classic autos, prototype vehicles, or vehicles that cannot be exposed to inclement weather. When shipping high end or custom vehicles, enclosed carriers offer the best protection.

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Contact Balch Logistics today at (281) 859 – 4400, and one of our friendly transport specialists will be happy to assist you!

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The safest means in vehicle transportation. Our fully vetted network ensures safety every mile we move.

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Customer Driven

Exceptional support, constant communication, and service you can rely on.

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Expertise you can trust. Balch Logistics continues to evolve & invest in your transportation options.

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